Monday, 16 April 2018

Akanksha Shinde of T.Y.B.Com. Stood 8th in SPPU Merit List 2017-18

Ms. Akanksha Shinde has secured the 8th position in the order of Merit in the Savitribai Phule Pune University's B.Com. Examination held in April 2017.
She has also secured the 8th position in the merit list for the subject Cost and work Accounting.
The Management of Kannada Sangha Pune, Principal Dr. S.B. Kharosekar, Vice Principal Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, staff and students congratulated Akanksha for her noteworthy achievement.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

One Day Workshop on 'New NAAC Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF)'

Kannada Sangha Pune’s Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce organized One Day Workshop on 'New NAAC Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF)' on 30th March, 2018.Inauguration of this workshop was done at the hands of Dr. Sanjay Kharat, Principal, Modern
college of Arts science and commerce, Ganeshkhind, Pune. Dr. S.B. Kharosekar, Principal, Kaveri College, Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Vice-Principal, Kaveri College, Dr. Jayashree Bangali IQAC coordinator, Prof. Parag Shah IQAC coordinator, Modern College and staff members were present on the occasion.
Addressing the gathering at the inauguration Dr. S.B. Kharosekar said that there is a need for holistic education. He briefed about progressive journey of Kaveri College. Dr. Jayashree Bangali introduced the chief guest and briefed about the program schedule.
Dr. Sanjay Kharat in his address praised the Principal of the college for his able leadership, for being a motivator, philosopher and guide to his staff and the students. He also congratulated the principal for making Kaveri a brand name in a short span of time. He spoke on NAAC Criteria VI: Governance, Leadership and Management, in detail and replied to all queries from the staff on criterion VI. He made everyone aware about the difference between the old NAAC format and the new format.

Prof. Parag Shah in his speech guided everyone on criteria II i.e. Teaching Learning and Evaluation. He spoke on the different factors under this criterion which include deciding on Data, filling the data, and calculating data. He discussed all the questions of criterion II in detail along with Data Verification and Validation (DVV) sheets given by NAAC. The session was informative and interactive.

The last Session was conducted by Dr. Jayashree Bangali. She spoke on criteria I, III, IV AND VI. She emphasized on paperless IQAC Office. Mrs. Bhakti Dandekar compered the  programme. Dr .Jayashri Bangali, IQAC Coordinator, Kaveri college of Arts, Science and Commerce proposed the vote of thanks.

“Learning has no age limit.” - Dr. Laksmikant Deshmukh at Kaveri College

Renowned novelist, Retd. IAS officer and the President of 91st Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Dr. Lakshmikant Deshmukh, while speaking on the third Graduation Ceremony of Kaveri College of Arts, science and Commerce stated that “learning has no age limit.” To bring the point home he shared that the great literareuer Rabindranath Tagore started painting at the age of 65 and
has left behind him an oeuvre of approximately 3,000 drawings and paintings. He said that the 21st Century is the century of knowledge and students must strive to acquire comprehensive knowledge about varied subjects.  He advised students, “Build your reputation and earn name, money will automatically follow.” He encouraged students to step outside their comfort zone and to always have positive attitude in life. Dr. Deshmukh was invited as the Chief Guest for the Graduation Ceremony of the College. The students received the Graduation Degree Certificate at the hands of Dr. Deshmukh.
On this occasion, Mr. Kushal Hegde, President, Kannada Sangha Pune, Mrs. Malati Kalmadi, Secretary, Kannada Sangha, Dr. S.B. Kharosekar, Principal, Kaveri Colllege, Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Vice Principal, Mrs. Sujata Bachhav, Chief Exam Officer, teaching and non-teaching and the students were also present on the occasion.
Dr. S.B. Kharosekar welcomed all the dignitaries and shared the 13 year of momentous journey of Kaveri College. He introduced Dr. Deshmukh and his immensely awe-inspiring work in the field of Literature, Administration and Research. Dr. Kharosekar said that Dr. Deshmukh, a multifaceted man with varied life experiences is a great inspiration to the students who will be starting their life afresh after graduating from the College.
            Mr. Kushal Hegde, President, Kannada Sangha, made the students aware that there is no short cut to success.
He said that key to success is getting high quality education and working tirelessly towards realizing one’s dream.  Mr. Hegde asked the students to aim high and work with patience relentlessly to go ahead in life.
            Mrs. Bhakti Dandekar compered the program whereas MRs. Sujata Bachhav presented the vote of thanks.

Alumni Meet Held at Kaveri College

Kannada Sangha’s Kaveri College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Pune had arranged Alumni Meet in the college on 11th March 2018. Principal Dr. S.B.Kharosekar  graced the occasion along with Vice Principal Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Head of Alumni Association Committee Ms. Sayee Kulkarni. All staff members and many former students were present for the occasion.

Head of Alumni Association Committee, Ms. Sayee Kularni welcomed alumni and informed that alumni network of the college is expanding with ach passing year and is growing in strength. She said that alumni of last 10 years are in touch with each other through various web groups and are willing to support the Alumni Association to greater heights. 

Dr. S.B.Kharosekar welcomed all alumni and said that the College in its 13-year is showing tremendous potential for further growth. He shared the journey of Kaveri Collge from a single stream college to now a well-established prestigious institute with three streams of Arts, Science and Commerce. He asked students to dream high, be focus and realize those dreams with patience. Dr. Kharosekar also praised the students who have brought laurels to the College in Sports and Academics.  He informed students that very soon the College will start PG courses in Commerce along with four new vocational courses. He wished all the students a successful career and bright future.

On this occasion alumni of the college too shared their experiences from their respective industries. Former students Omkar Taru, Soham Inamdar, Yugal Lokhande, dwelt in nostalgia and reminisced their memories of the College. The highlight of the day came when Om Paithane, a former Kaveri student, shared his awe-inspiring journey from a cab driver to Army officer. He kept the students enthralled by sharing anecdotes and stories of hard work and discipline at NDA and inspired them to join the Indian Army.

The Alumni Association promised to come together for new developmental activities for the college in the future. Ms. Sayee Kulkarni compeered the programme and proposed the vote of thanks.

Monday, 19 February 2018

“Entrepreneurship is not a job but a life style.” Mr. Manish Agrawal at Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

The annual prize distribution of Kaveri College was held on 12 February 2018. CTO and Co-Founder of Yagna IQ India Private Limited Mr. Manish Agrawal was the Chief Guest of the program. Mr. Kushal Hegde,

President, Kannada Sangha Pune, Mrs. Indira Salian, Vice President, Kannada Sangha, Mrs. Malati Kalmadi, Secretary, Kannasda Sangha, Radhika Sharma, Treaurer, Kannada Sangha, Mrs. Rashmi Agrawal, Dr. S.B. Kharosekar, Principal, Kaveri College, Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Vice Principal, Ms. Sayee Kulkarni, Head, Cultural Committee were the other dignitaries present on the occasion.

Mr. Kushal Hegde informed about Kannada Sangha’s immense contribution in the Field of Education and also shared its successful journey with the audience. He also praised and congratulated the staff of Kaveri College for their untiring efforts in shaping up careers of the students.
Dr. S.B. Kharosekar presented the Annual Report for the academic year 2016-17. He praised the management for their unfailing support and encouragement for the college to set new benchmark in excellence in education sector. Dr. Kharosekar informed the dignitaries and parents about the various curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities conducted by the College throughout the year. Mrs. Malati Kalmadi encouraged the students to not only dream big but also to concentrate, work hard with passion to realize that dream.  

The Chief Guest Mr. Manish Agrawal said that the first five years in a young professional’s life are as important as the first five years in a small baby’s life. He said that these are the formative years of their
professional, personal and social life and hence they should utilize these initial years to the fullest. Mr. Agrawal asked students to become an entrepreneur, and a job provider than a job seeker. He said that, “Entrepreneurship is not a job but a life style,” and  that job finishes while lifestyle stays.  He said the students must enjoy life but at the same time, work hard, show immense patience and stay hungry and stay foolish to achieve their goals. Mr. Agrawal urged students to stay away from the Social Media and channelize their energy to be happy and successful in life.

Mrs. Rashmi Agrawal said that Love, Truth, and Passion drive one to become successful in life. She said that it
is still very difficult for women professionals to break the glass ceilings at the workplaces. She said women have every right to choose a job of their choice. If they choose family over job then for that too they should give their 100 percent as every job demands complete dedication irrespective of one’s gender.

Two outgoing students Rucha Joshi and Prajakta Sahastrabuddhe shared their experiences of spending three
glorious years with Kaveri College. They got emotional while narrating the anecdotes, events and experiences of their association with Kaveri College. Prizes were distributed to the students in various categories such as academics, sports, NSS, cultural awards, inter-college awards, Endowment awards, Special awards, etc.
            Mr. Archit Joshi of TYB.Sc. received the Best Outgoing Student award; Mr. Sidharth Gantara of TYBCOM bagged the Best All-rounder Student Award. While Ms. Gargi Date, TYBA was chosen as the ‘Most Outstanding Student’ for the Vishnu Moreshwar Karmarkar Award and Mr. Vaibhav Kadbhane Patil,

TYBCOM was chosen for the prize of ‘Most Outstanding Sportsmen’ of the year for the Sunita Vishnu Karmarkar Award. Ms. Akanksha Shinde was awarded with ‘Dr. Shamarao Kalmadi Award for the Most Meritorious Student’ with Rs. 2500/- and Ms. Sukhada Joshi, former student, TYBSc(CS) was given a scholarship of Rs. 11000/- in the memory of ‘Late Shri Ramesh Khode’. The Best NSS Volunteer Award was won by Ms. Harshada Khaladkar, SYBA and Yash Pawar, SY.B.Sc. 

Dr. Geetanjali Pitre and Dr. Deepa Sathe were felicitated for receiving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) at the hands of Mr. Kushal Hegde. Dr. Muckta Karmarkar, Dr. Jayashree Bangali, Mrs. Shweta Bapat, Mrs. Manasi Joshi and Mrs. Bhakti Dandekar were also felicitated for presenting research papers in the International Conferences. The Non-teaching staff, Mr. Tushar Parte and Ms. Aarati Kadam were also felicitated for their outstanding contribution towards the College. Ms. Priya Deshmukh compeered the program and Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Vice- Principal gave a vote of thanks. 

Two Days National Level Workshop On IoT & Data Science

Computer Science & Applications Department Kannada Sangha’s Kaveri College of Atrs, Science, and Commerce conducted a Two days workshop on ‘IoT & Data Science’ on 2nd and 3rd February, 2018 under the Quality Iimprovement Programme of SPPU.
  Dr. Lalit Kathpalia, Dirctor, Symbiosys institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) was the Chief Guest for the inauguration of the workshop. Mr. Kushal Hegde,  President, Kannada Sangha, Pune, Dr. S B. Kharosekar, Principal, Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Vice principal, Mr. Chittaranjan Mahajan, President, Dolphin Educational and Research Society, Director, Dolphin Labs, Pune,  Ms. Sujata Bachhav, convener of National Level workshop, participants, staff members and students were present for the inauguration.
Dr. S B. Kharosekar, Principal, Kaveri college in his welcome speech informed the audience about the successful journey of Kaveri College and gave information about the stupedous success of Kannada Sangha’s all institutes.

In his inaugural speech the Chief Guest Dr. Lalit Kathpalia praised Kannada Sangha for its progressive management and holistic student centric activities. He said that Internet of Things(IoT) has made our lives easier and also has made the world a better place to live. Mr. Kathpalia said that IoT has its own share of concerns such as breach of privacy, security of data/content, compatible firewalls, etc. He said the future belongs to IoT and will bring tremendous changes in our lifestyle.
 Mr. Kushal Hegde, President, Kannada Sangha, Pune formally inaugurated the workshop & shared his thoughts with the audience. Ms. Sujata Bachhav, Convener of National Level workshop threw light on the schedule of all sessions of two days workshop and also proposed a vote of thanks.
Mr. Chittaranjan Mahajan started the first session with exploring the terms and the requirements of the IoT. He explained about Hardware Selection, Operating System Selection and Software Selection. He said that IoT will solve major problems faced by people such as pollution, traffic congestion and shortage of energy supplies etc. By installing sensors and using web applications, citizens can find free parking slots across the city.  IoT is also being used in agriculture and farmers are using meaningful insights from the data to yield better return on investments, sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, controlling water usage for plant growth etc.

On the second day, Dr. Parikshit Mahalle, Professor and Head, Department of Computer engineering, Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune explored the topic ‘Big Data Management in IoT’ explained the contribution of IoT in huge data generation and his main focus was on analysis of big data.  He also discussed research topics on big data management. Data science is all about making a scene out of Bulks of data generated from IOT.

Idea Generation Camp

Department of Management organised ‘Idea Generation Camp’ on 24 January 2018, in association with Board of Student Development, SPPU and Business Ethics Foundation Pune. 

Mrs. Malati Kalmadi, Secretary, Kannada Sangha, Pune, Dr. Balajith Shetty, Trustee Kanada Sangha, Pune, Dr. S. G. Bapat, Founder President Business Ethics Foundation, Pune and Dr. S. B. Kharosekar Principal graced the inauguration function of the camp. Dr. Rashmi Hebalkar and Mrs. Pallavi Kasande from Business Ethics Foundation were the resource persons of the camp. 
The camp was open for undergraduate students of all streams. The camp received very good response from various colleges like Modern College, Ganeshkhind, Huzurpaga Mahila Vanijya Mahavidyalay, BMCC, Siddhivinayak College, SNDT, Symbiosis college of Arts and Science. Total 76 students attended the camp. 

This camp aimed at training students to recognize, understand and generate business ideas and also to evaluate those ideas with the feasibility criteria. The s
tudents were introduced to the various idea generation techniques such as brainstorming, lateral thinking etc. They were made aware of ecosystem of entrepreneurship to evaluate an idea and convert that idea into a business opportunity. Various management games, activities, debriefing of the activities and group discussions were conducted in the camp.